Our service has been designed to 100% automate your automatic check-in processes which will become completely digital, smart and fast.

With our smart locks, your customers will be able to fill out a simple form remotely and verify their identity through their credentials. Once this is done, they will have free access to the room they have booked, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

We also guarantee very high security given that the locks will open only after verifying the guest’s identity through the credentials entered, so as to automate the opening and closing of the locks.

You will be able to make your hotel management and reception completely digital and smart, no more last minute check-ins, errors in sending documents or problems of this type, we will take care of everything

You will no longer have to deal with handing over the keys, when your guest has self-checked in with their smartphone our lock will open directly upon their arrival, you will have more time to dedicate yourself to your guest without making mistakes and therefore increase positive reviews.

If you manage many apartments or don’t have time to manage them, don’t worry, with our locks the keys will become completely digital, your guest will be able to enter and exit only thanks to their smartphone.

Our check-ins are completely online and are not only advantageous for businesses like yours because you will automate all the bureaucratic processes, you will not have to hand over the keys and you will increase the quality and professionalism of your service.

But they are also advantageous for your guests since they will save a lot of time, they will not be able to lose their keys and they will be able to do everything only with their smartphone.

Simply enter your personal data such as name and surname, nationality, date and place of birth, language and other data obtained from your identity document, all of this will be sent directly to the management system and you will no longer have to think about it.

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