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Keymate is the perfect solution for apartments and B&Bs: more security, more speed and more autonomy all in one lock:

  • More security: in fact your guests will be able to independently manage the door of your facility, which will open with the use of digital keys on the smartphone, this functionality guarantees more security for your customer who will never be able to lose the keys.
  • More speed: no more wasted time both for you who will never have to hand over the keys again, and for your guest who, once they arrive at the property, will be able to immediately access without problems.
  • More autonomy: both you and your customer will be completely autonomous, this is because we will take care of all the bureaucratic and check-in processes, your guest will only have to arrive at the property and enter, quickly and easily!

Furthermore, all our locks are “easy to install” since you can install them easily without any condominium permit, in short, without any effort your guests can

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