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The vast majority of hosts have included online check-in.

At Keymate, we are dedicated to helping apartment and B&B managers like you to improve their service by allowing guests to self-check in directly online and consequently arrive at the facility ready to enter.

Thanks to us, many of our customers have increased their positive reviews and therefore the guests have also increased significantly; doing all this in just one small investment which however has proven to have a very high value.

There are several advantages in offering this type of service both for hosts like you and for your guests, let’s list a few to demonstrate the high value we can bring to your apartment or B&B:

In 2022, 50% of Italians have booked their holidays completely online, this figure corresponds to around 15 million people who every summer select and choose apartments and B&Bs like yours, this means that competition is very high and for this reason you need to know emerge in such a dynamic market.


We at Keymate help you with this and we also do it by improving your service and your structure, making it smarter and more efficient; in fact, by adding our self check-ins you will get:

Better service offered

You will have much more free time in which you will be able to relate more with your work team, improving the service offered and therefore also the positive reviews, furthermore your guest will be completely autonomous in managing the room as they will be able to control everything through their smartphone thanks to our smart locks.


Many of the processes such as sending documents to the police station, document verification, check-in, communication and much more will be managed, if not completely, almost completely by us.

Improved experience

Your guest will be able to manage everything from their smartphone, when they arrive they will be able to immediately enter the facility without wasting time, there will be no errors with the self check in and they will not have to respect timetables to enter or exit; This way he will have a better memory and will definitely come back to you.

High security

We pay close attention to respecting personal data which will be managed securely, preserving privacy and respecting the laws on the processing of sensitive data.

If, however, you are a host with the desire to grow and improve your service by riding the wave at the right time, we are here to help you, for quotes or more information we are always available, contact us below!

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