Automatic check-in for BnB Vacation Rentals and hotels


We have also thought about this part of the service to make it as efficient, easy and fast as possible, both for you as a host and for your guests, in this way you can avoid wasting time or errors at the reception that can always happen.

Thanks to our automatic check-in service you will be able to accept all bookings, even last minute ones, furthermore our smart locks are compatible with all types of doors and you can install them without condominium permits even independently.

All this will save a lot of time for you who will be able to use it to improve your service, but also for your guests who will have a positive memory of your B&B or apartment and will be more inclined to leave an excellent review, to recommend your property and also to come back!

We have studied document management to be efficient for both hosts and guests, in fact we have managed to simplify and automate almost 100% of all processes in order to avoid any complications or errors in document management.

Many B&Bs and apartments manage these processes at the reception, but this can lead to many problems, here are just a few examples:

  • Slowing down of many processes such as reception
  • Errors in document management
  • Misunderstandings with the guest who will have a bad memory and will certainly not return or even worse will leave a bad review

By relying on us you will be able to remove the reception as we will take care of everything, the customer will arrive only after having already checked in online, we will take care of the document management and since almost everything will be automated there will be no errors; furthermore, your guest will not waste time at reception and will be able to enter directly via their smartphone!

Finally, our check-ins, in addition to simplifying the processes, allow hosts like you to reduce management complications, in fact we will also check your customers’ documents since, at least the necessary ones such as the identity card or driving license, will have to be uploaded and sent, we will then check them and send them to the police station. All this will allow you to organize yourself and therefore improve your service to the point of increasing positive reviews and therefore your guests!

We define our service as the future of hospitality for B&Bs and apartments because it guarantees your customer a stress-free, flexible and safe experience for both hosts and guests, all at a negligible price compared to the actual value!

If, however, you are a host with the desire to grow and improve your service by riding the wave at the right time, we are here to help you, for quotes or more information we are always available, contact us below!

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